SS 2018


Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Ralph & Russo

Ralph & Russo belong to that narrow circle of illuminati couturier who when decide to present a new haute couture collection is always because they have something new to say.

In them there is never quotations, neither themselves nor of the great masters of the past, but only a desire to reach out to the best know they can express their art. Couturier are born not made. Ralp & Russo, with their hypnotic creations, designed for alluring iconic women that love dressing with clothes that are a blaze of light and beauty, thanks to transparencies, overlays, asymmetry and embroideries.

There is a common thread, you can feel it, yet every dress only manages to tell a story. Because it is much more than a dress. And isn't this the essence of true Haute Couture? L ' Atelier is an enchanted place where, thanks to the hands of the couturier creator, everything becomes possible and comes to life, a life of its own and so it will go away after the fashion show because it belongs to the world because its real goal is not the fashion show but go out into the world, leaving it an indelible footprint of real beauty and dream, something we all really need.


Inspiration: Luxury trend setter
Lenghts: minidresses, knees dresses and long dresses with dizzying slits on the breast and legs
Size: lightfabrics caress the body slipping on the female form; sculptural volumes draw large Grand Ball dresses
Colors: White, gold, red, yellow, pink, black, blue, silver, bronze
Fabrics: silk, organza, lace, mikado, crepe, tulle, satin


FW 2017-18


Haute Couture Paris FW 2017-18, Ralph & Russo

Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo are the creative soul of a brand, Ralph & Russian, which for years fascinates real lovers of true haute couture thanks their gowns that are real architectural jewels with stylistic soltion always innovative, avant-garde and original, but, at the same time, classy, romantich and very feminine. And above all, absolutely wearable.

It is in this perfect coexistence of these opposites and in this harmony of all these elements that is hidden the secret of success of this well known American brand that gives every collection dresses that are absolute masterpieces of high tailoring and craftsmanship.

Extraordinary embroidery highlight silhouettes characterized by new shapes that, though new and original, never appear extravagant, indeed, are immediately welcomed by press and customers with great enthusiasm.

Ralph & Russian like to surprise his audience and this haute couture fall/winter 2017-18 collection is no exception. The design is hyperbolic, it's like to stay on  a seesaw because one second before it gift skinny elegant and rigorous suit with refined twisted jacket – very classy and with a vintage appeal– and just right after on the catwalk it appears sumptous evening dresses with wide skirt with cascades of ruffles or enriched by fur, feathers and fringes, especially if they are used on laminate fabrics in warm colors like gold or bronze shades.

The alternation between severity and romance frou frou tout court charms in its harmonic sequence. Ralph & Russian do not miss a shot from sumptuous capes to sensual dresses with V necklines with insert of organza with tattoo effect. It's always a surprise, oufit by outfit until the long-awaited bride who, as we have become accustomed by Ralph & Russo every time, it is luxurious and impressive in all its glory.


Mood: On the seesaw between severity and opulence
Lenght: at the knee for daily outfits and very long for the evening
Breadth: wrapped and tight for daily looks; comfy or hyper wide for evening gowns
Colors: White, black, gold, silver, bronze, pink, baby blue, lilac, aquamarine
Fabrics: crepe, tweed, satin, silk, mikado, wool, laminate fabric, fur, feathers, experimental fabrics


SS 2017


Haute Couture Paris SS 2017, Ralph & Russo

Multifaceted, luxurious and alluring collection. Ralph & Russo exceed themselves giving us an exciting range of sumptuous and refined haute couture dresses enhanced by absolutely amazing volumes and silhouettes.

Everything is studied in detail: cuts and seams are sartorially masterful, compelling colors enhance the femininity of the woman and a design that, without sacrificing the beauty of a certain retro allure, proves to be quite able to embed it in fresh and innovative stylistic solutions.

The result is a fireworks of colors and shapes: the artistic duo uses all the means at disposal to create a dazzling show that rips applause the audience. Handmade decorations illuminate amazing dresses that surely will see on the most prestigious red carpet worn by the most popular divas.

Why the Couture of Ralph & Russo is poetry to the cube, it is made to make you dream, is the perfect heir to that of the great couturier of once that created their outfits to spread ideally enchanted Stardust before the eyes of the spectators at the passing of their creations on the catwalk and make a little bit of this fairy dust remained attached to these people before the end of the show because the dream might as well live on their memory, transformed with time into an unforgettable memory.


Mood: every woman is a goddess and a diva
Lenght: mini, midi and maxi until the extra long almost imperial for sumptous cape with long trains
Breadth: jacket and skirt Forties style are rigorous anf tight; skinny minidress are alternated with sumptuous grand soirée dresses with tight bustier to enhance breasts and waist on full skirts with hundreds of volants. Long dress with straight line have large mantles
Colors: ivory, white, black, pale blue, liliac, pink powder, emerald green
Fabrics: mikado, silk, lace, organza, satin, plumage


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